The journey so far...

How to build a true social platform. From sketch to function, from dream to real-life, and everything in between.

Free and almost free

Going to promote

Whilst finishing the app we took up an addional project. We have not been able to focus much on the app since Oktober 2022. Fortunalty there were just some finishing touches that made the app good enough to put out there. We made the app free and almost free for the comming season. Now we have set a course to introduce Spoxies to the world. We aim to promote it this summer and add extra features.

Spoxies Android app live

The Android app is available since 21-12-22

And there it is, Droid in the Playstore!!

Trending in social apps!

First day in the Appstore

Sure, we need to see things in perspective. We are trending in the Dutch part of the paid social apps. There isn't much competition there, but a success is a success. Cheers to the future! Let's see what happens when we actually start promoting.

Spoxies iOS app live

Today on 02-12-22 (0,1,2 /2,2,2) the iOS app went live.

App in the app store!!! We have put in an AR element for good measure, since that was and is the envisioned direction.

We bootstrap

Doing projects on the side and working extra jobs.

Bootstrapping is demanding and isn't efficient in terms of focus and actual progress. But we power through.

Strategy and planning

Produced 60 pages of planning and strategy to help relay the intentions.

That was a month of intense typing and planning, investing time we did not have, to onboard and welcome an senior member to help with sales, pitches, marketing etc. That would bring additional knowledge, especially the kind that isn't all talk and might actually read the info provided...and might even understand that "confedential" means not sending plans to an other app company/startup. But I turned out differently. Being self critical it left us quite confused wondering if are just disillusioned or that we are delusional and it is us.

Anyway we learned things. One is that many love to jump on a boat that is already floating, but few like to help build that boat. But this is the startup life we choose, and we are proud to be amongst this kind of people in this era, that are capable of being more than luxury passengers, but do the work and aim to make change happen.

Let's retry

So, after 1.5 years of quite demanding jobs, let's retry.

So here we go again, having produced another tech solution and saying bye to that quite a good career/perspective. See how fast we can go during this pandemic thing. Stickies still stick where we have put them 1.5 years ago. There are some to-dos that need doing.


Unfortunately, it is a full stop, need to get a daytime job.

We need to make some money, and hopefully have some time besides the day job. Many things happend and many things we explored, from selling the app to getting addional finance but it got complicated and quite a long stretch. Where are we at; Multi-language support and a whole lot of testing and fixes done.

Welcome to dark mode

Dark mode is becoming a thing.

Dark mode (not to be confused with dork mode) is a thing, we have implement it allready. Wasted much time looking for funds that we wished we had spend that time on just building it.

We are going all in

Quite confident in the idea but lacking means

Lets burn everything and see how far we can go, to be honest it is taking much longer then we hoped.

The backend, the API, it is all there

A nice and especially secure backend with good abstraction and security.

It has been in the making for a while, it has been crunch time for quite a while. I have chosen to develop the backend logic in NodeJS. The backend functionality is exposed via a REST API, allowing for seamless integration with various frontend applications.

To maintain the highest level of security and privacy, user data is separate and remains isolated. Data interaction between users is achieved by implementing a combination of the Publish-Subscribe and Mediator design patterns, which enables efficient and secure data exchange while minimizing potential vulnerabilities.

Build that backend

Let's make a serious effort

Life happened with all its unforeseen surprises, and I'm not sure if we should be proud or ashamed that the vision of what is becoming reality started all the way back in 2013. Currently looking at these "sketches" when the idea first came to mind. Let us make a serious effort and burn what we got.