Our mission

Spoxies (Spontaneous proximity invites), aims to be the starting point of an innovative true social revolution that seamlessly integrates physical locations with cutting-edge augmented reality (AR) technology based on OpenSource solutions and NGI technologies.

We believe that online presence should be a means to an end, rather than a goal in itself. We challenge traditional social media platforms that have been associated with mental health problems and other negative outcomes.

By enabling users to broadcast location based questions and announcements and project them in the augmented world (XR), we aim to make distances smaller in both the literal as social sense. We facilitate engaging with people (either friends or like minded), that are near in the physical area. It's many use-cases actively support the good-neighbour/good-friend principles and counters social polarisation.

Our aim is to reduce both literal and social distances, promote real-life interactions, and foster genuine connections while facilitating a new type of internet entrepreneur.

We prioritise empowering users by extending the senses in a practical, reality focussed but engaging (human-centric) experience. We leverage innovative approaches to encourage active, healthy engagements and creating new, unique experiences and opportunities.

We challenge traditional social media and empower our users by extending their senses with seamless technology, including augmented solutions that are available to most.

Where traditional social media has produced the "influencer", the project strives to facilitate an evolution in the form of the "initiators". These are the doers, people that are active in their respective communities and looking to promote or extend their reach.

We offer unique marketing solutions for both local (small) and global businesses based on a level-playing-field philosophy.

We have a unique approach when it comes to marketing opportunities that is the first of its kind and has the potential to shake up the way marketing is conducted in the online and virtual landscape, while upholding the highest (EU) standards of user privacy and decentralisation beyond GDPR requirements.

By seamlessly integrating physical locations with cutting-edge augmented reality (AR) technology, we bridge the gap between the online and offline world like no other platform and reintroduce social to social media.

The project aims to provide a more authentic and engaging true social alternative that offers a fresh and innovative alternative to the current options in the market.