Join Our Team

Thank you for considering joining our team! We strive to create positive change in a broad sense. We achieve this through our app and its philosophy, as well as by making the company the best version it can be. Providing a pleasant working environment and atmosphere is a crucial part of these goals. Our team has considerable experience in tech and finance, both in leadership and practical capacities. We operate in a professional, down-to-earth, progressive and modern manner.

As a small team we are doing different things that don't always fit into traditional job descriptions and roles. But we're always aware of what we ask and offer much flexibility in return to maintain a healthy balance. We appreciate and reward those who are deeply committed and go above and beyond, but we also respect and appreciate those who have priorities outside of their careers.

We believe that role and job descriptions should not be restricted by specific requirements because we value potential, talent, plans, and ambitions. We'd love to get to know you and learn about yours.

We empower those that get involved and value both teamwork and individualism. Whether you're energized by working in a team or excel by working independently, you'll find that there is room and respect for your preference.

Our ambitions have not yet fully materialized and we are currently ramping up to gain momentum, we are deeply committed and highly invested in achieving our goals and ensuring success. If you are interested in joining us at this founding stage and are prepared to take a leap in a co-founding role, then drop us a line!

Speak the Corporate Language

Co-founding - Business-Savvy and Experienced Talent

We're a multi-talented startup with ambitious goals ahead of us. To achieve these goals, we're seeking a member who can work collaboratively and provide support in navigating the corporate world, securing funding, and pitching to potential partners. The ability to review and work on financial plans, along with an understanding of legal matters, is highly appreciated. You will not be expected to do so alone and will be provided with the necessary support and expertise.

We're based in Utrecht, the Netherlands, and we support remote work. However, at this time, we're only able to consider members within the EU.

If this is something that appeals to you, then drop us a line at

Spread the Word about Spoxies

Co-founding - Creative and Practical Talent

We're ready to kickstart our marketing efforts and let the world know about Spoxies. We have plans for guerrilla marketing, community activation, and event organization, and we're eager to hear your ideas and aspirations.

We're based in Utrecht, the Netherlands, and we support remote work. However, at this time, we're only able to consider members within the EU.

If you're excited about joining us on this journey, please send us an email at